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Voir la vidéo du Golf

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Golf history - the timeline

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In the early 1970s, the owner of the Domaine de Villarceaux, the Comte de Villefranche, launched a grand and ambitious project: three golf courses, tennis courts, a riding school and, insofar as there was ground available, a housing development.

Set around the châteaux, and based on economic, financial, legal and fiscal plans, a recreational facility was to be constructed to compete with the prestigious Parisian clubs.

Alas, the grand project was dogged by delays and finally, in the spring of 1971, only 18 holes were completed, without any housing at all. That was the end of the project.

The course, conceived by the English architect Bill Baker, respects both nature and the existing topography. There were no earthworks and no trees were destroyed.

The course was inaugurated by Jean GARAIALDE and Jean Palli following an alliance dating back to 1971. Membership of the Fédération Française de Golf (FFG) dates from 1972.

A greenkeeper’s team was appointed in 1983 to put into practice the new Association’s directives which are still operative today:  

- a golf club whose members espouse sporting ethics, and

- a structure allowing the promotion of juniors, thanks to the dynamic Golf School. 

A profound respect for the environment helps to make Villarceaux one of the most beautiful and attractive courses in the Ile de France.